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Chinook Wines feta and cherry tomato salad

Cookbook Features

Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining
Braiden Rex-Johnson
“I sensed they shared a style of cooking I hadn't encountered in Seattle proper. For want of a better term, I deemed it ‘vineyard cooking.’ Vineyard cooking was simple – fresh fruits and vegetables of the season from Kay and Clay's home garden or the local farmers market. Asparagus cut the same day they ate it. Eastern Washington tomatillos chopped into salsa. Locally grown eggplant, zucchini and sweet and hot peppers caramelized on the grill. Homegrown walnuts tossed into desserts and breads…”
Kathy Casey’s Northwest Table Kathy Casey’s Northwest Table
Kathy Casey
“Sunnyside Asparagus Soup with Orange Cream & Poppy Seed Crackers…. ‘Grass’ is a toughie to pair with wine- but not when you’re eating asparagus with a winemaker! I have relished many a spear with Chinook Winery owners Kay Simon and Clay Mackey while sipping a glass of their Semillon- a food and wine match some say can never happen.”
Christina’s Cookbook- Recipes & Tales from a Northwest Island Kitchen Christina’s Cookbook- Recipes & Tales from a Northwest Island Kitchen
Christina Orchid

“There have been one-day trips over the Cascades to Prosser: we visit Kay Simon at her Chinook Winery and grab some cases of vino, and then head down the road….”
Tom’s Big Dinners- Big Time Home Cooking for Family & Friends Tom’s Big Dinners- Big Time Home Cooking for Family & Friends
Tom Douglas
“This chapter was inspired by Kay and Clay’s annual Chinook Merlot release picnics…. Merlot Release Picnic Menu:
Ripe Camembert Grilled in Grape Leaves with Sweet Cherry Chutney, Grilled Asparagus & Walla Walla Onions with Merlot Balsamic, Lamb Chop T-Bones in Crushed Cherry Marinade with Tarragon Mustard, Sea Salt-Roasted Red Jacket Potatoes, Merlot-Poached Apricots and Cherries, Kay’s Merlot Biscotti…”
Macrina Bakery & Café Cookbook Macrina Bakery & Café Cookbook
Leslie Mackie
“Apple & Bing Cherry Galette- I have fond memories of the first time we made this dessert. My friend Kay Simon, winemaker and co-owner of Washington’s Chinook Winery, had stopped by the café with some bottles of Merlot that we’d ordered. She also brought along a surprise gift – five pounds of sweet, sun-ripened cherries from her neighbor’s farm in Prosser, Washington. We popped a few into our mouths and started daydreaming of all the wonderful pastries we could make with the fruit. The end result was one of my favorite summer desserts.”
The All American Cheese & Wine Book The All American Cheese & Wine Book
Laura Werlin

“Kay Simon and Clay Mackey have a reputation that extends far beyond their home in central Washington. While they are known for their wine, never mind the woefully small quantity in which it’s made, they are equally known for their incomparable warmth and hospitality…”
Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen Seattle Kitchen
Tom Douglas
“When I’m in the Yakima Valley, I always visit Kay Simon and Clay Mackey at Chinook Wines, in the countryside just outside Prosser. They are typical of the creative and dedicated small winemakers and grape growers of the area....They are among my favorite winemakers because they love food so much and make their wines to go with our Northwest specialties. The Sauvignon blanc goes beautifully with oysters, scallops, and seafood from Puget Sound, and their Chardonnay is a perfect match with Dungeness crab.”
Cooking With Wine Cooking With Wine
Anne Willan

“Chocolate Merlot Cake- In winter Kay Simon sandwiches this cake with wine jelly, in summer substituting a simple puree of fresh raspberries. Merlot is important in the Yakima Valley, and perfect for this cake...”
Pacific Northwest- The Beautiful Cookbook Pacific Northwest- The Beautiful Cookbook
Kathy Casey, Consulting Editor

“Roast Leg of Lamb with Merlot Marinade…”
Food & Wine Northwest Style Food & Wine Northwest Style
Gilda Barrow-Zimmer & Chuck Hill

“The absence of residual sweetness in [Chinook’s] wines – and the presence of the Northwest’s trademark crisp acidity – make them ideal partners to a wide variety of Northwest cuisine, especially seafood.… Created by Clay’s mother, this tasty spread [Smoked Salmon] is a great choice for that spur-of-the-moment appetizer!”